About Reflexology

Reflexology is a form of treatment that involves using specific massage treatments to help alleviate pain and gain more movement in areas around the feet and other parts of the body. The treatment is most commonly used to treat areas around the feet, due to the amount of stress and pressure they generally receive.

Similar methods have been used for many thousands of years, with practices dating back as far as the Egyptians and Ancient Chinese. In the 1920’s in America, Dr William Fitzgerald, came about with the practice of zone therapy which was later adapted by Eunice Ingham who helped to turn it into the practice it is today. By the 1960’s Doreen Bayly introduced the method to the UK, helping to make people aware of how effective a treatment it can be, helping it become the successful treatment it is today.

The treatment does not claim to a ‘cure-all’ but many people have found it to be an effective treatment. The British Reflexology Association showed how beneficial it can be in helping to treat stress, insomnia and irritable bowel syndrome. Most people who undertake in a session have found it an effective method of relaxation helping to reduce tension, leading to an overall greater sense of wellbeing.

Being a holistic treatment, it is based on the principle of specifically targeting areas and point of the hand, feet and other part of the body. When pressure is applied to these specific areas, it can stimulate movement, relieve pain and help to restore balance to the whole body. In the last 20 years the treatment has seen a massive spike in popularity and is now regularly used as a treatment for a number of conditions and can be used individually as a treatment or in conjunction with other medical treatments or medications.

What to Expect from The Treatment

When first visiting a practitioner, they will discuss with you your medical history and the problems you are having. Once the practitioner has decided on the best course of action they will usually ask you to relax back in a chair or on a bed. The part of the body will be inspected before any massages or exercises are carried out.

The massages and exercises will then be carried out on you, it you feel any discomfort during the session which you are unable to deal with then the practitioner will be happy to stop. By carrying out the treatment it can help you to regain movement and reduce pain levels, aiding in faster recovery time from an issue or by helping to deal with a long term medical condition.

Well trained reflexologists do not claim to cure, diagnose or prescribe they are there to provide an alternative treatment to assist you. The whole process of the treatment is to help restore balance to the body naturally; this involves reducing the tension in your body helping you to feel more relaxed. Creating an overall greater sense of personal and physical wellbeing.

After a session with a reflexologist you may noticed a range of benefits such as increased energy, enhanced sleep, relief from pain, more mobile joints, frequent bowel movements or increased tiredness. The benefits of the reflexology treatment you receive depends on the reason you needed the treatment and the parts of the body it has been carried out.

What Reflexology Can Be Used to Help Treat

Stress and Anxiety

The whole point of the treatment is to help create a more relaxed and balanced body, by doing this, things such as stress and anxiety can help be relieved. If you’ve undergone a tough time at home or work, a session with a reflexologist can help to alleviate how you are feeling.


Seen as an alternative treatment to regular methods or it can be used in conjunction with traditional methods it can be successful in helping to treat migraines. By manipulating the muscles in the head, tension can be relieved on the brain, helping to alleviate the pain you may be suffering from.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

By cleverly manipulating and massaging the muscles in the stomach, a reflexologist can help to temporarily improve your digestive system. This helps to cleanse your body, and create a more natural flow. By undergoing regular sessions, people suffering from IBS can see massive improvements in the pain they suffer and improvements to their digestive system.

A Balanced Body

Undertaking in a reflexology session can have a range of great benefits, the whole purpose of the session is to help alleviate any stress and tension you may be suffering from and to help give your body more natural balance.

Everyone who participates in a session experiences different individual benefits due to the number of ailments it can be used to help treat; from more movement to less pain undergoing a session can greatly improve a person’s quality of life. The length of the session will depend on the condition it’s been used to treat and the amount of sessions you may need to have will also depend on the reason you’re having it carried out. Seeking treatment from a centre or clinic that specialises in the treatment will mean you’ll be in the safe hands of a reflexologist who will guide you through the best treatment for your condition.

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