Alexander Technique Norwich

£40.00 per lesson. Our Alexander Teacher is Suzanne Duncanson – If you want to know more about Alexander Technique in Norwich please visit Suzanne’s website. Download our brochure.

So, What is The Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a process designed to improve a person’s posture and movement for people in Norwich. This technique will help towards reducing and preventing any problems that can be caused by bad posture habits, leaving you free of any discomforts. Receiving treatment involving the Alexander Technique can help better yourself for the future and reduce everyday stresses and strains.

Why Choose The Alexander Technique?

By choosing The Alexander Technique in Norwich, you will free yourself from any pains and discomforts. Not only that, you will see improvements from a better posture which will result in little to no pain. The Alexander Technique will also teach you your bad habits and ways to change these for good. By knowing the right ways to improve posture, it allows you to relax and enjoy your life without any discomfort of back pains.

The Alexander Technique re-educates to inform you of better ways to improve posture whilst giving you a better sense of life. You will also see improvements in your coordination and functioning thanks to The Alexander Technique by The Norfolk Clinic in Norwich.

It helps us to achieve the following:

  • perform better (actors, musicians,
  • improve our quality of life
  • increase self-awareness
  • become more alert
  • change the habits of a lifetime

We learn how to flow into movement with awareness and minimum effort. We look after our means-whereby and find a quieter and yet more dynamic tone and quality in our actions. The Alexander Technique enables us to direct our thinking in such a way that we change how we habitually use ourselves. And in so doing prevent the neck and back pain or stress that we tend to experience.

How Does The Alexander Technique Work?

The Alexander Technique is designed to help reduce any pains or problems caused by unhelpful habits and bad posture. During a session, you will be shown how to make yourself more aware of your body and ways to improve on your posture and balance. Your teacher will show you ways to help benefit your posture by moving more effectively. On top of this, you will be shown how to relieve pains such as back pain, neck ache, or sore shoulders yourself. Sessions usually take around 30-45 minutes where The Norfolk Clinic recommend that you have around 20 or more weekly sessions in order to see improvements in your posture.

Who Can Benefit from The Alexander Technique?

People with a varied level of painful problems can benefit by having The Alexander Technique. If you are suffering with any pains, balance or posture problems, The Alexander Technique could be the answer. Whether you are a performer or an athlete wanting to reach your potential, or someone suffering from ME, back pain, RSI, voice problems or stress, Alexander sessions can offer you a very effective tool for life.

The Alexander Technique Can Also Help:

Singers, musicians, actors, dancers and athletes to perform to the best of their abilities
People suffering with repetitive strains, injuries or carpal tunnel syndrome
People with backaches or stiff necks and shoulders
People who find sitting at computers for a long time uncomfortable
If you suffer from any posture or balance problems, back pains or stiff neck and shoulders, then having a Alexander Technique lesson could really benefit you. Contact The Norfolk Clinic today for professional help to improve your posture.

We are first choice among people looking to benefit from The Alexander Technique in Norwich.

How is this achieved?

Group sessions and 1-2-1 lessons with a qualified teacher who has trained for 3 years (1600 hours) in a STAT registered training course. They will guide you into a new experience of balance and coordination in whatever activity you wish to perform.

A course of group sessions or 10 – 20 individual lessons will provide a good basis for ongoing change.

Suzanne Duncanson
Suzanne Duncanson – Alexander Teacher