Back Pain Treatment Norwich

Treatment for Back Pain Sufferers in Norwich and Norfolk

The Norfolk Clinic has been treating patients from Norwich for many years now, and in our time of operation, we have treated a large number of patients who suffer from back pain. In each case, patients will always have a differing level of pain, and the symptoms might vary too. Shooting pains, cramps, aches, stiffness, and inability to straighten the spine are all reasons why people come to see us, and when they do, we have specialist techniques we can use to ensure pains are reduced and that patients leave feeling better in themselves.

How do we treat back pain?

As a team of experienced practitioners, The Norfolk Clinic has worked with patients suffering from back pain for many years now. We understand the problems people face when suffering from back pain, and we recognise how even the simplest of tasks can trigger pain, making it difficult to function and sometime think. With the help of reputable Osteopaths, you will receive the highest level of care from trained individuals, who will work with you on a personal basis to establish the best course of action. Ongoing sessions can reduce pains even further, and in some cases, we have known symptoms to totally disappear.

Techniques we use include massage and manipulation to improve circulation, loosen joints, and promote a healthier range of movement. Sometimes our treatment may be geared towards a separate area altogether which may be the ultimate cause of the back pain you suffer. When you come for your initial consultation we will talk more in depth about the treatment process and explain how we will go about reducing your pains.

Causes of Back Pain

Osteopathy dates back hundreds of years, and yet here it still stands. The treatment we, and many others provide, has been used for a long time to treat various different problems and conditions. Back pain is probably the problem we treat most frequently and that is due to the stress that can be put on the back through day-to-day living.

Work and home life can have a tremendous impact on the back, and sometimes people neglect their bodily signals. When pain occurs, people tend to plod on, and this can have serious ramifications later on in life. People who suffer from back pain have usually had a hard working life, but with that being said, there is things they could have, and should have done to prevent such symptoms ever arising. Back pain is ultimately caused by people not looking after their bodies, but thankfully for you, the Norfolk Clinic can give you advice on how best to look after it. The back is strong, but is equally fragile. If you have neglected your back pain for many years, then you shouldn’t expect any instant results. Osteopathic Treatment is an ongoing process and only with proper commitment will you see the true benefits.

Receiving Back Pain Treatment in Norwich

If you are looking for back pain treatment in Norwich then The Norfolk Clinic is here for you. By calling us today, or popping in, we can give you further information relating to pricing and we can book your initial consultation at a time that suits you.

Don’t suffer in silence. Book an appointment at The Norfolk Clinic today and your back pain will be treated with the utmost care.