Calming Colours and Open Environments

When it comes to your space and environment, whether it’s at home or your work place, it’s important that they are designed and use elements to deflect the usual day to day stressful situations that occur, as well as promoting a peaceful and positive environment.

Calming colours

When it comes to making your home or workplace less stressful and calming, colour can have a great significant impact on your mood and well-being. In Feng Shui, colours are used to bring different types of energy into the space. From passionate red, to restorative green and energetic yellow, room colour affects stress perception.

Recent research by the Minnesota State University study suggests that red environments increase stress responses and green and white environments do not. The most calming colours are considered blues including muted and dusty shades which are soothing.

Soft blues

Traditional Feng Shui wisdom says that blues can slow down the heart rate and lower blood pressure, the most stress reducing tones include soft watery blues which are soothing and calming.

Grey blues

Light to medium shades of grey-blue also have a similar effect.

Aqua blues

Aqua shades which are on the green spectrum are also known for being calming.

Pale greens

Beige greens and pale yellow-greens are the most stress-reducing shades in the green family, such as mind soothing nature scenes.

Dusty pink

Pinks which are paler and dustier are great for a relaxing feel.


Although purple can be an intense colour, the shades which are chalky, dusty or more muted, such as shades of lavender and violate can be calming.


Beiges cover the warmer end of the spectrum and tend to be anything in the neutral category, they’re calming and also include oranges and yellows, colours with more energy to them.

Pale greys

Light greys, especially when paired with blue or white elements, create a very relaxing atmosphere, it’s the perfect choice and can be layered with any of these colours for a serene space.

Purple Colours

Open environments

When it comes to open environments, whether it’s at home or at work, these types of spaces encourage communication and collaboration, areas which are very important and closely linked to your health and wellbeing.

Open environments encourage interaction with your peers, as well as promoting friendship and the flow of information. Being in an open environment will also inspire advice and assistance between peers.

Spacious areas will improve the flow of air and light, meaning increased productivity and creativity, which is especially important when it comes to working environments. With a focus on business premises, open environment offices provide great flexibility for staff as well as meaning businesses can save money due to office equipment being shared.

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