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Neck pain – how complementary therapy can help

It’s a familiar feeling. You wake up after a long, refreshing night’s sleep. Nothing seems to be amiss until you turn your head to switch off your alarm… and bam. Stiff neck. As if the pain wasn’t bad enough, you’re now the complete opposite of an owl, until further notice. They call it “sleeping funny”, but many people who have experienced this, will assure you that it isn’t funny in the least. It hurts, it’s inconvenient, and just plain unpleasant.

The common causes of neck pain

I’m sure at some point in life, most people have experienced this. Now people will tell you that it will just fix itself, and in many cases, this is true. But it’s still not fun, and when you realise this, that’s when you start looking for something, anything to alleviate the pain. What causes neck pain? The most common causes of neck pain are;

Poor Posture

Repetitive Movements


Most neck muscle injuries will begin to feel better in a few days but some injuries will need to be seen to by a practitioner.

So allow us to help by telling you about Norfolk Clinic. At the clinic, there are various treatments that can effectively cure your stiff neck, such as a variety of massages, and even reflexology.

Massages for neck pain

Massages such as the deep tissue massage are very helpful in the event of such relentless aches and pains. This is because they work with the muscles and help to release tension in said muscles. Because all pains like this essentially are, is just tension in the muscles. So when these muscles are massaged, and the tension released, the pain is dramatically lessened and usually completely goes away. This is good news all round, I’m sure.

Reflexology for neck pain

But it’s not just massages like this that help. Reflexology alleviates pain and tension in the body by working on reflex points in the hands, feet, head, and even ears. This treatment is incredibly relaxing and definitely gives you that “feel good factor” that we know we’re all subconsciously searching for.  Reflexology can provide some quick relief especially when the pain is caused by stress. When pressure is applied to the acupressure point this may release endorphins which will help with pain relief.

Acupuncture for neck pain

If you don’t mind the needles, acupuncture is proven to be extremely beneficial in the treatment of muscular pain and injury. The insertion of very fine needles in one or many parts of the body, injury depending, is said to regulate the flow of Qi, your body’s vital energy. The use of acupuncture dates back to Chinese traditional medicines 5000 years ago, and is now widely used in the healthcare industry due to the effects that it has. “But what effect does having a bunch of needles stuck in me have?” Yes I know, it sounds crazy, but bear with us here. Stimulation of certain acupuncture points has been proven to activate parts of the brain that reduce sensitivity to pain, and manage stress and anxiety levels.

Osteopathy for neck pain

Osteopathy could also be the solution to your neck pain. The Norfolk Clinic has four Osteopaths, and each has perfected the technique. Osteopathy uses many varied techniques, which are often gentle, and can include spinal manipulation, which sounds terrifying but is actually great for neck pain.

So, if you often find yourself in the position of not being able to even turn your head, then maybe it’s high time you paid us a visit. The health benefits of the treatments offered there speak for themselves, really, so why not call us on 01603 660792, and book your consultation with the trained professionals. In the Norfolk Clinic, you are definitely in safe, healing hands.