Don’t suffer in silence

8th May marks the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week, a time where everyone, both online and in the media, draws attention to the growing problem of mental illness and maintaining mental health.

We’ve seen numerous celebrities and personalities open up to the world about their conditions and the problems they’ve endured while under the public eye, and how they’ve sought help. Such examples; Colin Farrell, who spent six weeks in rehabilitation to treat his depression and addictions; Winona Ryder speaks plainly about the effects of depression on her daily life; Adele tackles constant panic attacks every time she performs; and Youtube star, Zoe Sugg (Zoella), who has never been shy about discussing her daily struggle with anxiety.

The effects of mental health can have devastating repercussions on everyday life to the extent where even stepping outside can seem like a daunting challenge. Unfortunately, a stigma still surrounds this subject, with many still unwilling to discuss it and brushing it off as something trivial.

Mental Health Awareness Week, and the efforts of the Mental Health Foundation, serves to draw attention to people’s’ struggles and help eliminate the stigma of talking about our problems. Even if you, yourself, don’t suffer from mental health issues, or don’t have a diagnosed condition, let this week be a wake-up call to look inwards and start taking steps to look after your mind.
The Norfolk Clinic offers counselling services to help you talk through even the smallest problems that can wear you down, and massage therapists to physically soothe stress-made pains. Talking to someone can often be the first step into helping you through mental illness, so don’t suffer in silence.