Herbal Tea
It’s Time For Tea

Turmeric is not just a wonderful spice.  It is one of the most amazing herbal healers and can help treat aches and pains, and maintain a healthy immune system not to mention aid weight loss.  Known throughout Asia as liquid gold, one of the most easiest ways you can add turmeric to your daily diet is replacing one cup of tea a day with a cup of turmeric tea. Add one tablespoon to either a cup of warm coconut or almond milk and you will enjoy a drink not only absolutely delicious, but a drink that is going to certainly help you feel good on the inside and out.  With winter fast approaching and our immune systems threatened by annual sniffles and colds, a daily cuppa of the right tea will certainly help boost your well being as well as your spirits. Another wonderful tea that is recommended is lemon, ginger and turmeric.

Lemon, ginger and turmeric have been around for centuries and thanks to our ever growing health conscious society, these natural healing foods are becoming part of many people’s daily routine.   I remember Nanny’s morning ritual of drinking a cup of boiled water and not really understanding why she wasn’t having a good cup of English Breakfast, but in recent years and like many of my friends, I too have opted for replacing my ‘morning cuppa’ with a cleansing cup of hot lemon and ginger.  But did you know that by adding turmeric to this home-made tea can provide the extra kick start your body needs.  And if you want to add a little bit of sweetness, try a teaspoon of honey.  It’s also advised to add a few twists of black pepper to ensure your body absorbs all the essential ingredients like curcumin.

In addition to detoxifying the liver and blood; lemon, ginger and turmeric tea offers so many other benefits including:

  • A healthy digestive system (IBS and other issues)
  • Eases pain and inflammation
  • A stronger immune system (defend off the common cold, a sore throat, seasonal allergies)


The cold weather is definitely settling in and if like me your throat has started to tingle and your nose feels blocked, get yourself off to shops and buy your fresh lemon, ginger and pot of spice!

Our fantastic Herbalist Tim Lane is a specialist in Herbal Medicine. Herbal Medicine can help to improve all kinds of health issues, including IBS and Asthma. For more information please visit our website:  http://www.norfolkclinic.com/herbal-medicine