Chiropody Treatment Norwich
Is your job affecting your health?

Most people have a job where they work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, sometimes more often than that. Now the typical 9 to 5, although a good way to support your family, definitely takes a toll on you, physically and mentally.
Paying a visit to The Norfolk Clinic could be just what you need. The Norfolk Clinic offers a range of treatments to help ease the ailments that come hand in hand with a busy working life.

Relaxing treatments available at The Norfolk Clinic

When you come home from work, inevitably aching from sitting in the same position in your office chair, or from carrying bricks around on the building site, do you ever just fancy a massage? Massages can be extremely beneficial to the body and the mind, and can be a great way to lay back and relax.  As well as making you feel more relaxed, and working out those aches and pains, it can also mentally soothe you, as it helps you not think about your stressful working life, and take a weight off of your shoulders.

As well as offering massage treatments, the Norfolk Clinic offers Osteopathy and Chiropody as other ways of making you feel good in your body and mind, and allowing you to de-stress in a healthy way.
And it’s not just the physical stuff; Norfolk Clinic also offers counselling for those days where you feel like the world is just too much. Got feelings to get off of your chest, our team of trained counsellors are always there to open up to, with full confidentiality. You can keep yourself in check in a good way with counselling, as it’s a good way to keep your mind in check and feel 10 pounds lighter!

Chiropody works on your feet, and is especially helpful if you have a job in manual labour, as you are constantly on your feet and you wouldn’t believe the stress that they go through! Chiropody is a great way to maintain your feet and ensure that you can stay on them for longer, even though you may not want to.

Now Acupuncture sounds scary, laying there with needles stuck all over you, looking like a porcupine, but it is actually very beneficial and can help with neck pain, headaches and even anxiety.

So what are you waiting for? Visit our treatments page and look for the treatment that’s right for you. Everyone has those days where they need a little TLC, so feel free to contact them us on 01603 660792 or at [email protected] and find out how we can help you today.