Keep Calm and Carry On Studying

While many of us are enjoying the wonderful Spring sunshine, most young people you know are currently preparing for an intense and sometimes gruelling summer of exams.

The worry of passing and what the future holds if you fail can be extremely intense for some, and can lead to feelings of anxiety and stress, so while it’s important to revise and know your subjects, it is also important to ensure you take care of yourself and your overall well being. Going into an exam feeling under pressure and stressed will have an enormous effect on how you perform, so being able to recognise when your stress level are increasing will help you manage it and keep it under control. Once under control, a little stress can be a good thing and a great motivator.

General tips to avoid exam stress

● Eat well and prepare meals in advance
● Get enough sleep (don’t drink too much coffee as it can keep you up and intensifies your stress levels)
● Take time out to exercise or listen to your favourite music
● Start your revision early and plan
● Know your goals and where do you want to go
● Postpone socialising with friends until exams are over
● Organise study groups with friends that are willing to revise and inspire each other
● Don’t bottle things up! Talk through your worries or concerns with a family member or a teacher – people can help and a problem shared is a problem halved
● Ask for extra tuition if you have not fully understood the work you have covered
And above all, believe in yourself and keep things in perspective. There will always be options and a future for you regardless of your exams.

Anyone who is currently revising and feeling the stress of exams do not need to suffer in silence and here at The Norfolk Clinic we have a range of treatments that can help. From hypnotherapy to counselling.