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Mental Health Awareness Week at The Norfolk Clinic

Ever had one of those blue days you can’t explain? Ever had a sudden onset of terror? Ever wanted to just hide away from everyone? Well, don’t worry, there’s a reasonable explanation for that. You, like many others, may suffer from mental health issues. The nation has banded together this week (beginning May 14th) for Mental Health Awareness Week. This week we aim to #EndTheStigma about mental health conditions. It’s a big deal, millions of people in the UK from all age ranges suffer with mental health conditions on a daily basis.

How can The Norfolk Clinic help with Mental Health well-being

When you have those bed days, snuggled up in a blanket, don’t you sometimes wish that you could make the anxiety go away? We offer a range of treatments from Massages to Osteopathy and everything in between to help with Mental Health. So when you feel like you have stayed in the same position for so long that you may actually become a blanket, a massage from the capable hands of the Norfolk Clinic staff could just be the thing for you.
As well as obviously helping with various physical ailments, treatments such as a Deep Tissue Massage can also greatly benefit your mental well-being. For example, if you suffer from Anxiety Disorder or PTSD, you could be constantly under stress about daily life and what people think about you; Our staff are friendly, professional, and approachable, and our treatments go a long way towards making you feel comfortable and relaxed and alleviating stress, worry, and troubles.

Yoga to relieve Stress

Yoga has been proven to have positive benefits on Mental Health. The whole practice of Yoga helps with nature of the mind and our emotions. So how can Yoga help?

Calming: when you practice Yoga you instantly become more relaxed. When you start to breathe deeply you calm your nervous system.

Mindfulness: Yoga helps to improve your mood, behaviour and mindfulness and helps with well-being.

Stress: Deep breathing and meditation in Yoga helps to reduce Stress and improves stress-related nervous system imbalances.

Counselling at The Norfolk Clinic

Our clinic is in a prime location to treat people all over Norwich and it’s surrounding areas. If you’re not into the physical side of healing, the clinic also offers one-on-one counselling sessions that allow you to open up and take some of that stress off of your shoulders just by talking to someone. Everyone knows counselling is good for the mind, as you can be yourself and talk to a professional about what’s troubling you, and hear some helpful advice on how best to deal with situations that make you uncomfortable. Helpful words can always make you feel like a weight has been lifted and make you more adept to dealing with your mind when it’s going haywire.

Please take a look at our treatments page  it shows all of the treatments we offer with information about how they are compatible to your needs. You can reach us over the phone (01603 660 792) or via email [email protected]