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£40.00 per treatment, there is no extra charge for the initial consultation.


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At present we have four osteopaths working at the clinic, Verity Booth, Kate Blanch, Maria Gillam and Ross Mcallister. All are registered with the General Osteopathic Council. Osteopathy is a recognised and effective system of diagnosis and manual treatment for the structural and mechanical problems that can affect the body from time to time. Accidents, stress, heavy lifting or other heavy work, bending awkwardly or simply sitting, driving or using a computer for long periods can cause these often debilitating problems. Osteopathy is one of the most widely used of the alternative or complementary therapies and has been self regulating by statute since the Osteopathy Act was passed by parliament in 1993. As such its standing under the law which is the same as doctors or dentists. Osteopathy was developed by an American doctor, Andrew Taylor Still, in 1874 and was fully recognised in the USA in 1949.Most patients here at Norfolk Clinic in Norwich consult osteopaths for joint or spinal pain but it can also help with sciatica, head pain and many type of muscular pain. Using the many and varied manual techniques, which are often very gentle and also can include spinal manipulation, patients of all ages can benefit from osteopathic treatment.

The Osteopathy Team

Verity Booth
Verity Booth – Osteopath & Director

Maria Gillam
Maria Gillam – Osteopath

ross mcallister
Ross Mcallister – Osteopath

kate blanch
Kate Blanch – Osteopath

Norfolk Clinic offer osteopathic treatment for the following problems:

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