Young woman quitting smoking, isolated on white - focus on hand
Its never too late to Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

In its fifth successful year and after helping more than 15 million people to stop smoking, Stoptober is unquestionably one of the UK’s most successful campaigns ever, to help smokers give up their daily habit for good. However, giving up smoking for 28 days solid is a hard task to achieve and requires a lot of willpower, determination and support from family and friends, which you of course may not have. Therefore, if you’ve tried everything you possibly can and are still struggling to break the habit where do you go next?

Ask any GP or Health Expert and their advice is simple. The best thing any smoker can do to improve their health is to stop smoking, but for many smokers that is of course, a lot easier said than done! Today smokers seek help with the many aids available such as e- cigarettes, Vapers, Patches, but these don’t work for everyone and they are expensive too! Therefore at The Norfolk Clinic, we believe, that for a lot of people the ultimate answer is Hypnotherapy.

Research into this treatment has been further endorsed by Doctors who believe this very safe and powerful technique can help those struggling to give up smoking reach their goal. And so if you’ve tried all of the other options such as those mentioned earlier, why not give this extremely uplifting and motivating treatment a try?

With the aid of hypnotherapy here are some of the health benefits you can achieve by stopping smoking and stopping smoking for good. They include:

● improved breathing (kiss goodbye to shortness of breath and chesty coughs)

● Fresher breath (no more fag breath)

● more youthful and radiant looking skin (it is a well known fact that smoking can cause your skin to age more quickly and appear far more wrinkly than a person’s skin who doesn’t smoke)

● a longer and more healthy life span (smoking is a major risk to your health and can kill)

In addition by quitting, you will save yourself a lot of money that can be spent on keeping yourself fit and healthy!

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