Quit Smoking with help from Norfolk Clinic
Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Smokers… quit today and you’ll be taking your first step towards better health. When you choose to stop smoking within days you’ll start to feel the difference as your lungs begin the healing process from within. Within a year your risk for heart disease is lowered to half that of a smoker’s.

Sounds great right? If only it were that easy…

Smoking is an expensive and unhealthy habit… but it’s also highly addictive. So if you (or someone you know), is doing their best to quit, it may feel like the odds are stacked against you and it helps to have support.

Stop Smoking Clinic at the Norfolk Clinic

Here at the Norfolk Clinic Hypnotherapist Angie Giles runs Quit Smoking sessions. These have been super successful in helping clients to quit the habit and stay smoke-free for good! Angie has many years of experience helping people to stop smoking. She is a member of the CNHC and also listed on an accredited register for Hypnotherapy. She’s also a fully qualified counsellor.

You probably already know just how much willpower it takes to start saying no and to keeping saying it. Hypnotherapy with Angie can really help.

How does Hypnotherapy work to help you to stop smoking?

Hypnotherapy helps by giving your mindset a powerful boost. Helping you to be crystal clear on why you’re quitting and what you’ve got to gain from saying no to that next cigarette. You see just as you might head to the gym to build your physical strength and endurance, hypnotherapy strengthens your mind and willpower, helping you to ditch unhealthy habits and create new healthier ones.

One reason Angies’ approach is so successful is that she helps her clients see the long-term picture and giving them the tools needed, to challenge future cravings, if those nasty habits try to make a comeback!

It’s never too late to give up smoking, so if you’re ready to quit or if you’ve already started but need a little support to keep you on the right track, get in touch to book your hypnotherapy session with Angie today on 01603 660792.

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