Christmas Decorations
Taking care of your back this Christmas

With all the hustle and bustle we experience at Christmas and with so much we have to organise we tend to neglect our health over Christmas, including protecting our backs.

Here are our tips to avoid back pain this Christmas

1) Carrying shopping bags
Please do not carry too many heavy shopping bags. The extra weight can cause strain on your back without you even realising it until it’s too late. If you can, stagger your shopping so that you are not carrying too much at once.

2) Wear comfortable shoes

Back pain can in fact start with your feet. Avoid wearing high heels if you can as the footwear that you choose can affect your back it’s called a kinetic chain, the idea that the way you move one part of your body affects other areas. Choose a shoe that is comfortable for you.
Our top tip: one of the most important features to look for is the arch — it should be designed to work with the natural arch of your foot.

Oh and just another thing we need to mention :-) as it’s been extremely cold and icy this winter, please make sure you wear your Wellington boots to stop those nasty falls.

3) Lifting heavy objects

Carrying the Christmas tree, lifting the Turkey out of the oven and helping the kids onto their new bikes. These are all scenarios which could potentially cause harm to your back so please remember the rule when lifting; BEND YOUR KNEES before picking up the heavy object.

4) Posture
Wrapping presents, sitting for long periods of time whilst watching Christmas films and decorating the tree can all affect our posture. Wrap your presents at a table rather than the floor and if you know you are sitting down for long periods of time, make sure you get up and walk around, even if it’s to get another chocolate from the cupboard.
Decorating the tree can be so much fun, especially when you get the kids involved but please get help if you struggle to reach the top of the tree.
We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and please take care. If you do experience back pain over the festive season. Please check our Facebook page for our opening times.