ross mcallister

I graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2014, after deciding to go back to study as a mature student. I have always had an interest in sport and the human body and osteopathy has provided a very holistic way for me to pursue my interests. As well as osteopathy I use dry needling also known as medical acupuncture but only with consultation and pre agreed consent, as I have found it can provide a gentle yet effective approach that sometime massage alone cannot address.

Historically I used to play rugby at county and divisional level and although not able to play rugby any more, I still have a keen interest in the gym and like to keep fit.
Having been involved in physical activity for many years I have a personal interest in nutrition and personal experience with many sporting injuries. as well as sports injuries i have also gained experience working with people suffering chronic pain.

I have a keen interest in the function of the human body and enjoy working with a functional approach because everybody has different needs. Working functionally allows me to work with a wider variety of people of different ages, without always having to use manipulation or strong techniques.