Whiplash Treatment Norwich

Treatment for Whiplash Pain Sufferers in Norwich and Norfolk

Whiplash can be extremely painful, and people who have suffered from whiplash may never truly get rid of it. The work of an Osteopath is recognised as an effective way of treating Whiplash, and The Norfolk Clinic have the ability to treat Whiplash from our base here in Norwich. If you are looking for Whiplash Treatment in Norwich then please be sure to give us a call or pop into our clinic and speak to one of our experienced members of staff. We can talk to you about your options for treatment, and explain further to you about the processes we go through and how we will go about treating your Whiplash.


Whiplash is the description used for a neck injury that has been caused by a sudden movement of the neck to the side, backwards, or forwards. This is generally caused by an accident, with the most common cause being car accidents where you, as the driver or passenger, have been suddenly jolted because of a collision. Tendons and ligaments become damaged because of such a movement and it can become painful to move the neck after this. Whiplash should be treated carefully, where fully qualified Osteopaths should be consulted after a visit to your GP.

Common symptoms of Whiplash include stiffness, tenderness of the neck muscles, reduced or painful neck movements, headaches, and general neck pain. Whether you have suffered from Whiplash recently, or symptoms persist to cause you problems after a long period of time, the treatments we offer here are recognised and benefiting those who suffer from Whiplash. We can reduce your pain, increase movement, and improve the blood circulation in the problem area.

Receiving Whiplash Treatment in Norwich at The Norfolk Clinic

Whiplash will often get better on its own, but sometimes treatment is required to ease the symptoms. The Norfolk Clinic can work with you to reduce symptoms and ensure your neck is in a much healthier condition. After an accident your neck can become incredibly stiff and the work we do will help to reduce this stiffness. The Norfolk Clinic would advise against wearing a neck brace or collar as experience tells us this can make the neck stiffer. It’s better to allow for movement, even if it is only a little bit occasionally.

The treatment you receive at The Norfolk Clinic in Norwich is tried and tested, and dates back hundreds of years to a time when Osteopathy first came about. You are in safe hands when you visit us, as we treat every single patient with the same level of care and attention, regardless of how severe symptoms might be.

If you are looking for Whiplash Treatment in Norwich then make sure The Norfolk Clinic is your first port of call. We can arrange a suitable time for you to pop in and we can make a plan moving forward from there.