Why being ‘mindful’ matters

Some difficulties we face in life stem from our unconscious reactions to what we are thinking and feeling. We are making unconscious judgements of our experience and that can lead to avoiding what we don’t like or finding our mood dropping as we fall into negative thinking.

Mindfulness invites us to recognise and see each moment ‘as it is’, without trying to change anything, allowing us to respond with more conscious thought. This means we tend to stop reacting automatically to whatever comes up for us at each moment. This creates an ability to move on from negative thinking and ‘adjust the sails of our boat’, so to speak!

Meditation (as taught on the introduction to mindfulness and meditation course at the Norfolk Clinic) isn’t about sitting cross-legged and holding our chakras. We are using straightforward and simple techniques to reduce stress and to make sense of the world around us in a measured way.

The principles of meditation are centuries old and have been shown, with practice, to increase rational thinking within the brain. Even ten minutes a day has proven to make a difference.

Find out more about the Summer introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation course by contacting Norfolk Clinic Reception.

You can also book a place directly with Angie Giles on her events page.

Angie is offering a FREE helpful tips for those who sign up for the course with a £14 deposit. The cost of the course is £84 in total. There are limited places available.