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Yoga Classes in Norwich

At The Norfolk Clinic, we offer both beginners and experienced yoga classes in Norwich. Whether you’re new to yoga, or you’re looking a new and different yoga class to join, then be sure to come along and join us. The yoga classes we offer are carried out by trained and experienced yoga instructors to ensure a professional session is provided.

Joining a yoga class can help you to relax and feel rejuvenated and you’ll come our feeling refreshed and renewed. The yoga classes we offer can help to manage your overall health and wellness in a more effective way.

If you’re looking for somewhere that offers yoga in Norwich, then look no further than The Norfolk Clinic. We offer a range of yoga classes which are suitable for everyone, and a trained yoga instructor will guide you through each session. For more information on the yoga classes held at our clinic or to arrange to join one of the yoga classes, be sure to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

Our Yoga Classes

The yoga classes we offer are non-judgemental and we believe in helping our clients better connect to themselves and their surroundings. Yoga can help you achieve a healthier body and mind and it’s our aim to ensure our clients achieve this at a rate they are comfortable with. A range of yoga classes are available to join which covers all aspects of yoga such as Nidra, Hatha, Yin and much more.

Having offered yoga classes in Norwich for some time now, we have developed a well-known reputation for the service we provide. With all yoga classes held by a trained yoga instructor, you’ll be in same hands when you join us. For more information or to join one of our yoga classes, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Benefits of Yoga

Over the last few years, yoga has become increasingly popular, especially in the Norwich area. By joining a yoga class, you can strengthen both your body and mind. With a range of yoga classes to choose from, we have something to suit everyone’s abilities. Some of the main benefits of yoga are:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Weight reduction
  • Increased muscle strength and tone
  • Cardio and circulatory health
  • Improved respiration, energy and vitality
  • Stress relief
  • Improved athletic performance

If you’re based in or around the Norwich area and would like to join one of our yoga classes, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. All ages, genders and abilities are welcome to come along and join our yoga class. Find out more about Yoga and its benefits.

What Do I Need to Know Before Doing my First Class?

Many of the expectations of a yoga studio are similar to any class – arrive early, don’t wear perfume, and don’t interrupt the teacher. Questions are always welcome, but you may want to ask at the beginning or end of the class, depending on how many students are present. Every instructor has a different overall approach to teaching. Some focus more on physical postures, some on meditation. Some do mantra, and some don’t. Some do adjustments to their students and others don’t. Your experience from one class to another can be radically different, even within the same yoga style. So, don’t give up if you didn’t enjoy your first class. A yoga class is meant to be a place where you feel comfortable and cared for – a space without judgment. Don’t worry if you are unable to keep up with everyone. It’s more important to go at your own pace to ensure that you do everything safely. You don’t need to know the names of poses to participate. All of our instructors provide clear instruction throughout and tips for alignment and positioning.

Do I Need Anything Before my First Yoga Class?

Yoga is done in bare feet on a yoga mat. Even the most basic yoga stretches require clothes that can stretch or move, so wear the most comfortable outfit that allows you to move around easily. If you’re doing a gentle, slower class then dress warm (sweat pants, long sleeve shirt) and if it’s a more rigorous class wear shorts and a t-shirt or a tank top. Teachers will often suggest that you leave your ego at the door, and that includes not being self-conscious about the clothes you are wearing. Wear what makes you feel good.

How Often Should I Practice Yoga?

Yoga should be practised around three times a week or more if necessary. When yoga is carried out over a longer period of time you will more than likely see substantial improvement in your overall flexibility, joint range of motion, strength, balance, stress management, quality of sleep, happiness and overall wellbeing. However, everyone’s bodies are different, so this of course is relative. Practicing a beginner yoga routine once or twice per week will help you maintain things as they are, while possibly seeing some smaller improvements over time. Like anything fitness – related, the more time you can dedicate to it, the more beneficial it will be.

 Why Visit Our Yoga Class in Norwich?

Yoga is becoming one of the popular type of relaxation exercises in the country. The yoga classes we offer at The Norfolk Clinic are all carried out by an experienced yoga instructor. Yoga will help you to relax and unwind, whilst also helping to train both your body and mind. Some of the reasons we think you should choose us for Yoga in Norwich are:

  • Years of experience
  • Professional yoga instructor
  • Range of yoga options available
  • Well-known for the yoga classes we offer
  • Yoga classes for all abilities

For Yoga in Norwich Visit The Norfolk Clinic

If you’re interested in joining a yoga class in Norwich, then be sure visit The Norfolk Clinic. The yoga classes we offer are held by a professional yoga instructor from The Yoga Studio Norwich. Our yoga classes offer an innovative approach that provide both a holistic and relaxing experience. Yoga can help you to feel refreshed and renewed. When it comes to yoga in Norwich, be sure to visit The Norfolk Clinic. For more information on our yoga classes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

Visit The Norfolk Clinic For Yoga Classes in Norwich

Frequently Asked Questions About Yoga

What is yoga?

Yoga is a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines which help to strengthen a person’s mind and body. Yoga can help with a number of things, however the movements are designed to primarily increase strength, flexibility and breathing.

Does yoga have any benefits?

Yes! Yoga can help to strengthen both the mind and body and it has a range of benefits such as stress relief, increased strength and muscle tone, more flexibility and much more. Come along and join a yoga class for yourself to see all of the amazing benefits that yoga has to offer.

Who will take the yoga class?

When you choose to visit The Norfolk Clinic for the yoga classes we host, it will be held by a trained and experienced yoga instructor. This is to ensure our clients receive the best possible service.

How do I join a yoga class in Norwich?

If you’re based in Norwich or any of the surrounding areas and are wanting to join one of our yoga classes, then all you need to do is contact us. Simply get in touch with The Norfolk Clinic by phone or email and one of our team will be happy to assist.

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